What to Bring to Your First Divorce Conference

It is not necessary to bring anything, but it could save money and help Glenn advise you if you brought the following information when you first meet with Glenn about a divorce or parentage action:

Income information

  • paystubs
  • tax returns
  • business receipt information

Property Information

  • identification of all significant assets
  • name of institution
  • account numbers
  • all information about the value of assets
  • market analyses
  • purchase documents
  • appraisals
  • assessments
  • characterization of property
  • identification of what was gifted to just you
  • identification of what you owned prior to marriage
  • what was agreed to be separate

Relationship Information

  • dates of cohabitation
  • dates of marriages
  • date you stopped living together

Domestic Violence

  • dates and description of touching that was not wanted
  • description of acts making you think harm was about to occur
  • police reports
  • 911 call transcripts
  • medical records
  • counseling details

Estate Planning Documents

  • wills
  • pre or postnuptial agreements
  • community property agreements
  • trust documents

Information About Your Children

  • health records
  • school records
  • details on the amount of contact each parent has had with the children
  • who have the children been with, particularly in the last 12 months
  • what has been the work schedules for both parents, particularly in the last 12 months
  • details on who has performed parenting functions (Glenn can provide forms)
  • police records, transcripts of 911 calls
  • involvement of parents with day care, school, medical providers

Information Effecting Child Support

  • uninsured medical and dental costs
  • amount paid to cover children on health and dental insurance
  • tuition, extra-curricular, camp, day care, etc., expenses
  • child’s standard of living prior to separation
  • amounts paid for other children
  • reasons to deviate above or below the standard calculation
  • amounts contributed voluntarily to retirement

Information About Needs

  • budgets for respective households (Glenn can provide a form to organize your budget)


  • names and contact information