Testimonials & Endorsements About Glenn

Glenn Tanner is a Top Rated Attorney

Avvo.com rates attorneys at www.avvo.com. Glenn has been rated “superb” by Avvo.com for over a decade.  You can read testimonials from clients of Glenn E. Tanner below or at www.avvo.com.

Abridged statements from Glenn’s clients include the following:

“I really appreciate Glenn and his professionalism, character and expertise. I would recommend him highly to anyone. I have worked with Glenn for over 10 years now, and I am grateful that I found such a good lawyer to have on my side.”
– Mary

“He was excellent to work with and empathy was evident. Many lawyers are cold and all about the dollar and Mr. Tanner was more about the client and staying on the “high” road. Mr. Tanner lives the oath he took and has a high degree of integrity, a great accomplishment in the law field. I have since worked with many attorneys for various reasons and in retrospect, Mr. Tanner is among the best.”
– Rose

“Given the nature of our marriage and the respective heirs, there were a number of issues to work out. Easy to work with. Detail orientated. Flexible regarding our meeting times and location (I travel a great deal so my schedule is a challenge to work around).”
– Bill

“Glenn was very thorough and personable through a very difficult divorce. I was very pleased with the outcome.”
– Jennifer

“Glenn was determined and focused in his approach to my divorce situation. He was caring, and respectful of my needs during the whole divorce process. He also provided tremendous assistance and support in negotiating the difficult aspects of my situation. When I first talked with Glenn, I felt comfortable and able to begin my divorce process with confidence because of his ability to listen well and ask thoughtful questions. The outcome of my collaborative case has enabled my former husband and I to parent our daughter peacefully, because of all work we did with Glenn and the other attorney in the collaborative divorce process.”
– a collaborative divorce client

Peer Endorsements of Glenn

“I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Tanner is wise and noble. He does a difficult job with a very professional flair.”
– Robert Kelly, Attorney in Seattle, WA

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Mr. Tanner has gone to great lengths and personal sacrifice in order to hone the tools necessary to achieve his client’s goals in a conflict-free manner by using collaborative and restorative techniques to guide parties to a satisfying result. Despite the inherent difficulties in his areas of practice, Mr. Tanner continues to provide the highest quality legal advice. We are lucky to have him in Spokane and I have recommended him to friends and clients alike.”
– Samuel Gordon, Attorney in Seattle, WA

“Glenn has been a key figure in the development of Collaborative Law in the Spokane area (and in Washington). I met him through my mutual interest and we’ve attended conferences and meetings together. He has always exhibited keen intelligence, attention to detail and devotion to providing meaningful service to clients.”
– Bruce Pruitt-Hamm, Attorney in Colville, WA

“I worked with Glenn in a particularly hostile dissolution which also involved a business with significant income. Glenn was a pleasure to deal with and never bought into his, or my clients’ desire to win at all costs. He remained professional, calm and legally effective throughout.”
– Daryl Rodrigues, Attorney in Nespelem, WA

“I have worked with and consulted with Glenn Tanner on several difficult cases. Glenn has a great deal of experience in family law and other legal matters and I find his legal analysis to be well-reasoned.”
– Timothy Wilson, Attorney in Federal Way, WA

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