Payment & Representation Options

Options Regarding Representation and Payments

Unbundled or Limited Services

Glenn often provides “unbundled legal services” or limited representation. Unbundled services is when an attorney provides limited assistance instead of full representation. This option often makes legal help affordable. If you only need advice, document preparation, and help preparing for court, unbundled legal services may work for you. Unbundled often works well for modifications, name changes, and uncontested divorces. Contact Glenn if you are curious about unbundled legal services. He can review your situation and provide just the limited services you need such as drafting of documents, and helping you prepare for questions the judge may ask. You can then represent yourself with more confidence but with much lower legal costs and greater control over how your case is handled.

Fixed or Flat Fees

Glenn provides fixed or flat fees when appropriate. Sometimes it is possible to put a cap on fees or to obtain representation if you have a co-signor for your fees.

Co-signors, Security and Bartering

Sometimes Clients want to go on a payment plan. Often that will require a co-signor or guarantor. If you have a guarantor, you are still the only client and remain in control of your case. Sometimes Clients want to provide security for the payment of fees and costs they cannot currently occur. Such arrangements are sometimes possible but you need the opportunity to obtain independent legal advice about the terms and ramifications of such arrangements. The same advise applies to barter arrangements or the exchange of legal services for services you provide.

Credit Cards

Glenn accepts major credit cards for both advance fee deposits (retainers) and for payments on work already performed.