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Glenn has been practicing law since 1990. He graduated cum laude from the University of Minnesota Law School and passed the Washington Bar exam on his first try. Prior to moving to Spokane, Washington, Glenn practiced extensively in Kitsap and King counties. Glenn grew up in Wisconsin next to his grandparents’ small dairy, hog and sheep farm, and attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison as an undergraduate and graduate student. He finished his bachelor’s degree at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, studying political economy.

Some attorneys put themselves on a pedestal and rely on intimidating you. Glenn does not want his clients to call him “Mr. Tanner.” Glenn always has professional office space available in Spokane, but he works primarily from his historic home on Spokane’s lower South Hill with his current rambunctious Weimeraners, Octavius and Ophelia, his competent assistants, and welcomes you to meet with him at his home at 1112 W. 9th Ave, if that is comfortable for you.

Glenn is married to Christine, a social worker and therapist. Glenn and Christine lived in the Puget Sound area for 15 years and relocated to Spokane in 2004 when they purchased and restored a lower South Hill 1910 Tudor revival residence built by James Comstock and lived in by his daughter, Josie Comstock and her husband Eugene Shadle. The architect was James Ritchie, the same architect who designed the Spokane County Courthouse and many other courthouses in Washington. Glenn has been an accomplished bicyclist and runner. He completed the Seattle to Portland (STP) ride in one day and Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day (RAMROD). He use to regularly place in his age category in running races and enjoys competing in basketball. In his spare time Glenn enjoys theater, hiking, camping, reading, gourmet cooking and good wines. His favorite magazines are Harpers, Atlantic Monthly, and Peloton.

What You Can Expect

Your case is of extreme importance to you and to Glenn. Families are is one of the most important and complicated aspects of our society. Your role, rights, and responsibilities to your Family are unique and deserve professionalism and respect. Glenn’s goal is to achieve the best possible results for his clients, while at the same time delivering the kind of personal service you deserve.

Practicing law should be a profession and that means you are entitled to great service and a high level of competence. Glenn strives to respond to phone calls and emails within 24 hours. He is available for after-hour appointments. You will be kept up to date about your case. Glenn believes clients should control the outcome, direction and tone of their litigation. His duty is to educate you about the law, advise you about your procedural options, and advocate for you strongly and effectively in a manner that is appropriate for your case.

It is important that you feel comfortable and confident with your attorney. Glenn welcomes your questions and phone calls. He relies on your feedback and strives to find ways you can save on attorney fees. A good attorney/client relationship depends on trust. Glenn trusts you will be responsive to requests for information and you can trust Glenn to do everything reasonable, within your budget, to promote your interests. Often you will see attorneys promise to “zealously advocate” for their clients. Such gonzo, warrior-like approaches often lead to pointless fighting and result in excessive attorney fees. Sometimes, a scorched earth approach is needed but many times it makes more sense to take a judicious and careful approach. In addition to the financial costs of litigation, Glenn understands there is a high emotional cost to everything you do in litigation. While keeping you informed and protected, Glenn also tries to empower you and make it easier for you to protect yourself and resolve conflicts more easily down the road. If you are not getting good service from your lawyer, let Glenn know and he may post your experience on his blog, Stupid Things My Lawyer Did, so he and other lawyers can learn from your unfortunate experiences.

When needed, Glenn will advise you about the use of various forensic experts such as accountants, appraisers and financial analysts. Glenn has established relationships with respected and knowledgeable experts in various fields including tax, financial planning, parenting, substance abuse, sexual abuse, computers, private investigation, business and pension valuations, personal property and real estate valuations. Glenn often uses the specialized skills of a certified divorce financial analyst to help value the marital estate, assess the parties’ income, trace separate property assets, and evaluate tax planning strategies for settlement. A financial expert can provide valuable assistance during discovery, settlement negotiations, trial and in collaborative cases.

Personal Information

Glenn was an orphan before working class parents in rural Wisconsin, close to Madison, adopted him. Glenn did not grow up the privileged child of lawyers or other professionals. Of the 262 persons in his law school class, he was one of a handful whose parents were not college graduates. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Glenn worked numerous jobs to pay for college and law school. He truly understands what it means to struggle financially and understands the need to be conservative with your hard-earned money.

Options Regarding Representation and Payments

Unbundled or Limited Services

Glenn often provides “unbundled legal services” or limited representation. Unbundled services is when an attorney provides limited assistance instead of full representation. This option often makes legal help affordable. If you only need advice, document preparation, and help preparing for court, unbundled legal services may work for you. Unbundled often works well for modifications, name changes, and uncontested divorces. Contact Glenn if you are curious about unbundled legal services. He can review your situation and provide just the limited services you need such as drafting of documents, and helping you prepare for questions the judge may ask. You can then represent yourself with more confidence but with much lower legal costs and greater control over how your case is handled

Fixed or Flat Fees

Glenn provides fixed or flat fees when appropriate. Sometimes it is possible to put a cap on fees or to obtain representation if you have a co-signor for your fees.


Sometimes clients want to go on a payment plan. Often that will require a co-signor or guarantor. If you have a guarantor, you are still the only client and remain in control of your case.

Pro Bono and “Low Bono”

Glenn provides a limited number of hours of pro bono (free) and “low bono” (lower fee) representation in special cases.  Ask Glenn if you qualify.

Credit Cards

Glenn accepts major credit cards for both advance fee deposits (retainers) and for payments on work already performed.

What To Bring To Your First Divorce Conference

It is not necessary to bring anything, but it could save money and help Glenn advise you if you brought the following information when you first meet with Glenn about a divorce or parentage action:

Income information

  • paystubs
  • tax returns
  • business receipt information

Property Information

  • identification of all significant assets such as real estate, retirement accounts, and stock grants or options
  • name of involved financial institutions
  • account numbers
  • all information about the value of assets
  • market analyses
  • purchase documents
  • appraisals
  • assessments
  • documents related to characterization of property (this can be complicated, so call me to discuss)
  • identification of property that was gifted to just you
  • identification of what you owned prior to marriage
  • what was agreed to be separate

Relationship Information

  • dates of cohabitation
  • dates of marriages
  • date you stopped living together

Domestic Violence

  • dates and description of touching that was not wanted
  • description of acts making you think harm was about to occur
  • police reports
  • 911 call transcripts
  • medical records
  • counseling details

Estate Planning Documents

  • wills
  • pre or post-nuptial agreements
  • community property agreements
  • trust documents

Information About Your Children

  • health records
  • school records
  • details on the amount of contact each parent has had with the children
  • who have the children been with, particularly in the last 12 months
  • what has been the work schedules for both parents, particularly in the last 12 months
  • details on who has performed parenting functions (Glenn can provide forms)
  • police records, transcripts of 911 calls
  • involvement of parents with day care, school, medical providers

Information Affecting Child Support

  • uninsured medical and dental costs
  • amount paid to cover children on health and dental insurance beyond the cost of insurance for primary insured
  • tuition, extra-curricular, camp, day care, etc., expenses
  • child’s standard of living prior to separation
  • amounts paid for other children
  • reasons to deviate above or below the standard calculation of support (special needs)
  • amounts contributed voluntarily to retirement

Information About Needs

  • budgets for respective households (Glenn can provide a form to organize your budget)


  • names and contact information

Glenn’s Former or Current Memberships

  • Spokane County Bar Association
  • King County Bar Association
  • Washington State Bar Association
  • Western District Court of Washington
  • State of Washington Supreme Court
  • National Lawyers Guild
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane
  • Spokane County Collaborative Professionals
  • Southern Poverty Law Center

Community Involvement

Glenn has supported or volunteered with the following community organizations:

  • Habitat for Humanity (Seattle)
  • ArtsWest
  • Spokane Preservation Advocates
  • Bloomsday Roadrunners Club
  • Spokane Bicycle Club
  • Northwest Museum of Art and Culture
  • Spokane Symphony
  • Spokane County Volunteer Attorney Program
  • West Seattle Runners Club
  • Sierra Club
  • Spokane Humane Society
  • Hospice of Spokane
  • Conservation Northwest

Testimonials About Glenn

Abridged statements from Glenn’s clients include the following:

“He was very helpful. His agenda was your agenda, nothing hidden. I would recommend him for his integrity.”
– William

“I hired Glenn Tanner to represent me during my divorce. He was outstanding in everything he did. He was very professional in his dealings with me and anyone else he contact during the process. I was very pleased with the outcome. His due diligence allowed me to come away with more of my money than I expected. I very much appreciated his efforts and those of his staff who are as professional as he is.”

– Tim

“I recently retained Glenn for a family law issue, and whole hardheartedly recommend him and his staff. They were always helpful and knowledgeable. Glenn’s approach does beyond the law and the courtroom. His focus is on the family unit as a whole. When I need an attorney, he is my first choice.”
– Keith

“I really appreciate Glenn and his professionalism, character and expertise. I would recommend him highly to anyone. I have worked with Glenn for over 10 years now, and I am grateful that I found such a good lawyer to have on my side.”
– Mary

“He was excellent to work with and empathy was evident. Many lawyers are cold and all about the dollar and Mr. Tanner was more about the client and staying on the “high” road. Mr. Tanner lives the oath he took and has a high degree of integrity, a great accomplishment in the law field. I have since worked with many attorneys for various reasons and in retrospect, Mr. Tanner is among the best.”
– Rose

“Given the nature of our marriage and the respective heirs, there were a number of issues to work out. Easy to work with. Detail orientated. Flexible regarding our meeting times and location (I travel a great deal so my schedule is a challenge to work around).”
– Bill

“Glenn was very thorough and personable through a very difficult divorce. I was very pleased with the outcome.”
– Jennifer

“Glenn was determined and focused in his approach to my divorce situation. He was caring, and respectful of my needs during the whole divorce process. He also provided tremendous assistance and support in negotiating the difficult aspects of my situation. When I first talked with Glenn, I felt comfortable and able to begin my divorce process with confidence because of his ability to listen well and ask thoughtful questions. The outcome of my collaborative case has enabled my former husband and I to parent our daughter peacefully, because of all work we did with Glenn and the other attorney in the collaborative divorce process.”
– a collaborative divorce client

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