What If My Spouse is Terrible, Abusive, or Violent?

Collaborative Law is not for everyone. Court action in some cases will always be necessary to protect parties and children. However, even in some cases of domestic violence and in situations where the parties are currently engaged in bitter and nasty conflict, the Collaborative Law offers advantages over old-style divorces. Solutions are more effective if the parties recognize their role in the problem and are involved in finding a solution. In old-style divorces, after considerable expense and after increasing the fear and anger between the parties, the victim may succeed in obtaining a Court imposed “solution.” Unfortunately, the likelihood that the wrong-doing spouse will recognize the “solution” as necessary or beneficial is not very high. In contrast, Collaborative Law promotes frank and open discussion of personal shortcomings and the acceptance of reasonable resolutions. Therefore, in many cases, the Collaborative Law will achieve better results even where the parties are in high conflict.