Glenn is a Collaborative Law Leader

Glenn and Karen Vache were the first lawyers from Spokane to be formally trained in Collaborative Law. Glenn and John Burke were the first formally trained lawyers to have a Collaborative Law case in Spokane County. Good Collaborative Law attorneys all depend on the benefit of a practice group, and Glenn has been the vice-president of Spokane County Collaborative Professionals since its inception. Glenn did not write the book on Collaborative Law, but he is the principal author and editor of a more than 150 page compilation of protocols and advise about Collaborative Law. All Collaborative Law practitioners will be forever indebted to the true pioneers of Collaborative Law, Stewart Webb and Pauline Tesler. Glenn has had the wonderful experience of breaking bread with both of these innovative thinkers and is grateful for the inspiration and insights found in their books, The Collaborative Way to Divorce and Collaborative Divorce.