Washington Child Support Statute

Chapter 26.19 RCW Child support schedule

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26.19.001 Legislative intent and finding.

26.19.011 Definitions.

26.19.020 Child support economic table.

26.19.025 Legislative review of support schedule.

26.19.035 Standards for application of the child support schedule.

26.19.045 Veterans’ disability pensions, compensation for disability, and aid and attendant care

26.19.050 Worksheets and instructions.

26.19.055 Payments for attendant services in cases of disability.

26.19.065 Standards for establishing lower and upper limits on child support amounts.

26.19.071 Standards for determination of income.

26.19.075 Standards for deviation from the standard calculation.

26.19.080 Allocation of child support obligation between parents–Court-ordered day care or
special child rearing expenses.

26.19.090 Standards for postsecondary educational support awards

26.19.100 Federal income tax exemptions.