Glenn’s Approach to Custody Cases

Custody disputes are as difficult and complex as the myriad of interactions and consequences that occur in any family. For that reason, the first thing Glenn does is listen and try to learn about your concerns and your family’s dynamics. Rarely do families remain stagnant; they change and so Glenn continually reevaluates what is going on in your parenting arrangements. Glenn knows not to prejudge parents or assume any one family should look like another family.

Throughout your case, Glenn focuses on the following:

1) Safety

The safety of the children and parents is of primary importance to Glenn. Sometimes it is necessary to take emergency action, rushing to court immediately to explain the emergency and obtain the protections you and your children require. Other times, it is important to not escalate the tensions in a family but still guide you through a mine field of explosive issues and make sure both you and your children are protected.

2) Listening

Glenn listens and learns from you what is important, what is working and what is not working in your family and in your case. Unless Glenn knows your goals and challenges, he cannot properly advise you.

3) Education

You always have choices and part of Glenn’s job is to keep you aware of your options and to advise you of the costs, risks, and consequences of any particular course of action.

4) Support

Few experiences are as stressful as a divorce. Everyone going through a divorce should strongly consider counseling so they can make the best decisions possible. Few of us have the expertise to work on our own cars anymore and we do not hesitate to use mechanics with their special knowledge and tools. Similarly, none of us come prepackaged to handle what goes on with us mentally and emotionally while our relationships go through dramatic changes. The wise person uses the skills, tools and insights of an expert in the emotional side of relationships and divorces.

5) Improvement

Often attorneys and clients focus too much on what is wrong with the other parent and forget to take the time to improve their side of the parenting equation. Everyone can learn more about child development. Everyone can gain insights about how they can minimize pressure on their children and the negative perceptions of the other parent.

6) Preparation

From day one you and Glenn will prepare for the possibility of resolving issues at trial while embracing every opportunity to negotiate powerfully and settle intelligently. Inevitably, the sprint of negotiations ends in a better result if you have put in the miles to prepare you for a full marathon if necessary.